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  • Characteristics and applications of metals used in mechanical processing
  • Editor:Zhejiang Sai Rong Machinery Co., LTDDate:2017-06-28 08:48 Click:

Next, this time Hangzhou precision parts processing manufacturers to introduce the features and applications of the other parts of the mechanical processing species to you:

1, SKD11— — ductile chromium steel. The production of Japanese Hitachi plant. The casting structure in the steel was improved and the grain was refined. The toughness and wear resistance of Cr12mov were improved. The service life of the die was prolonged.


2, D2— — high carbon and high chromium cold steel, produced in the United States. It has high hardenability, hardenability, wear resistance, good oxidation resistance at high temperature, good corrosion resistance and low heat treatment after quenching and polishing. It is appropriate to make various cold working dies with high precision and long life, such as drawing die, cold extrusion die, cold shearing knife and so on. .

3, SKD11 (SLD) — — non deformation toughness high chromium steel. Japanese Hitachi production. Because of the increase of MO and V content in steel, the cast microstructure in steel is improved, grain refinement is refined and the morphology of carbide is improved. Therefore, the strength and toughness of the steel (bending strength, deflection, impact toughness, etc.) are higher than that of SKD1, D2, and wear resistance. High resistance to fire. Practice has proved that the life of this steel die is higher than that of Cr12mov. The mold with high requirements is often manufactured, such as drawing die, mold of impacting grinding wheel, etc.

4, DC53&mdash, &mdash, high toughness and high chromium steel, Japanese Datong strain production. The hardness of heat treatment is higher than SKD11. high temperature (520-530) high hardness of 62-63HRC after tempering. In strength and wear resistance, DC53 more than SKD11. toughness is two times the toughness of SKD11, and the toughness of.DC53 is seldom cracked and cracked. Life. The residual stress is small. The residual stress is reduced after high temperature. The cracks and deformation after wire cutting are suppressed. The cutting and abrasive properties are more than SKD11. for precision stamping die, cold forging, deep drawing, and so on..

5, SKH-9— — wear resistance and toughness of general high speed steel. Japan Hitachi plant type production. Used for cold forging die, cutting machine, drill bit, reamer, punch and so on.

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6, ASP-23— — powder metallurgy high speed steel, Sweden produced. Carbide distribution is very uniform, wear resistance, high toughness, easy processing, heat treatment size stable. For punch, deep drawing die, drill die, milling cutter and cutting blade and other long life cutting tools.

7, P20— — General requirements for the size of plastic mold, made in the United States. Electrical erosion operation. Factory condition pre hardened HB270-300. quenching hardness HRC52.

8, 718— — high requirements of plastic mold size, Sweden, especially electrical erosion operation. Factory condition pre hardened HB290-330. quenching hardness HRC52

9, Nak80— — high mirror, high precision plastic mold, Japan Datong plant production. Factory condition pre hardened HB370-400. quenching hardness HRC52

10, S136— — anticorrosion and mirror polishing plastic mold, Sweden made. Factory condition pre hardened HB< 215. quenching hardness HRC52.

11, H13— — commonly used die casting die for aluminum, zinc, magnesium and alloy die casting. Hot stamping die, aluminum extrusion die,

12, SKD61— — advanced die casting die, Japanese Hitachi plant type production, electric ballast heavy dissolve technology, in service life more than H13. Hot stamping die, aluminum extrusion die,

13, 8407— — advanced die casting die, Sweden made, hot stamping die, aluminum extrusion die.

14, FDAC— — adding sulfur to strengthen its ease of exploitation, the factory pre hardened hardness 338-42HRC, can directly engraving processing, no quenching, tempering treatment. For small batch mold, simple mold, various resin products, sliding parts, short die parts, zipper die, glasses frame mould.

With regard to the characteristics and applications of commonly used metals, today Hangzhou precision parts processing plant has introduced all of you. We hope to help you. Welcome to contact us if necessary. ~