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  • CNC machining center collision knife 9 reasons, experience sharing!
  • Editor:Zhejiang Sai Rong Machinery Co., LTDDate:2017-11-20 13:27 Click:
As the CNC machining center is locked by software, when the automatic operation button is pressed, it is not intuitively locked in the simulation interface when the automatic operation button is pressed. In simulation, there is no tool setting. If the machine is not locked, it is easy to hit the knife. So before the simulation processing, we should confirm whether the machine is locked or not. Forget to turn off the empty operation switch when processing. In the process of program simulation, the idle operation switch is often opened to save time. Empty operation refers to the movement of all moving axes of machine tools at G00 speed.
Because the CNC machining center is locked by software, and in the analog. So before the analog machining, you should confirm the locking of the. Ine tool run at G00 speed.
If the switch is not turned off in the processing time and space, the machine tool ignores the given feed speed and runs at G00 speed, resulting in an accident of cutting and hitting the machine tool. There is no return to the test point after the air operation simulation. When the program is checked, the machine tool is locked, and the tool relative to the workpiece is processed in the simulated operation (the absolute coordinates and the relative coordinates are changed). The coordinates of the machine are not in conformity with the actual position, and the method of returning the reference point should be used to ensure the zero point coordinates of the machine and the absolute and relative coordinates. If the problem is not found after checking the program, the machining operation will result in the collision of the tool. The direction of the override is not right.
If in the processing of space-time operation switch did not close it. Is locked motionless, and the tool relative to the workpiece processing in. Ates and the absolute and relative coordinates by. If no problems are.src=CNC machining center CNC machine tool, as a high precision machine tool, is very necessary to prevent collision. It requires the operator to develop the habit of careful careful and careful, to operate the machine tool in the correct way, and to reduce the phenomenon of machine tool crashing. With the development of technology, some advanced technologies such as tool damage detection, machine tool collision detection and machine tool adaptive processing have appeared in the process of processing, which can better protect CNC machine tools.
CNC machining center CNC machine tools as high precision machine tools. Ent of technology, there are some advanced technologies, such as tool damage.